Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hashish In Egypt

Grass locally named hashish its what the animals eat and is grown widespread. you can make what you like about it. and you will be right.
but this is ornamental grass. the kind the dragons, grasshoppers & bugs rest on and spiders make webs to catch those who come to rest on the grass.

Along the canal

Seed of the reed grass,

This is clover and what the Arabs call Hashish

Grass growing from the mud brick wall.

The little scrub warbler eating grass seeds.

The Avadavat (Amandava amandava) on the seed head of the papyrus plant

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  1. Its simply astonishing that there are so many varieties!

  2. I like the local hash from Sinai because since you are close to the source, there is less chance for it to be tampered with. Morrocan hash is good but it can be a bit harsh on the taste buds. Asian hash is softer with a much mellower taste and high, so I guess i just like pure hash! Thanks.
    Adam L.

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