Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flowers by the Nile

another colour of hibiscus flower,

Sun flower

Nile valley sun bird feeding on the nectar from the mallow plant
The yellow flower of the cactus

Tiny Pea flowers

another tiny flower

I am told this is the cornflower

Friday, April 23, 2010

pomogranite fruit

Pomigranite flower and the starting of new fruit.

another bloom of morning glory


Black jack plant

A hover fly on the flower of the black jack plant

This black jack plant grows all the year round here in Egypt the first photo is of a young Large white egret while foraging got its neck plumage covered in black jack hook seeds
not only the birds get covered in thes barb seeds my legs some times get covered in them especially when taking photos of the dragonflies.

I could not resist this photo of what seemed to be a dead trunk of the Fever tree with all its weavel bore holes and no bark most likely been rubbed of by cattle and donkeys that have been tethered to it at one time or another. you only realize its still a living tree when you look up and see all the new foilage and all the birds that feed on its seeds during the day.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cacti flower Near the law courts of Luxor

1500 lawyers 12 judges plus all the crooks including the police get to see this beautifull flower, thats if they can lift the nose off the ground, I wonder how many have noticed this plant.
the on duty guard gave me a very inquisitive look but no one else noticed the mad welshman taking photos of a cactuss flower. such beauty amongst all this evil.

its also one of the only plants the Muslims put on the graves. I took a distant shot of a bloom in the Sheik Aly Musa Mosque graveyard this last week. another one of these plants on the promanade has my name engraved on it . not by me but someone who could spell tony.

Gardens in Luxor

plants of egypt

Butterflies are on


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flowers of the Nile valley

The Nile lilly no one has a real name for it so i will call it the nile lilly

Papya and Flower

Papya flower

the lettice seeds

another onr one of Egypts tiny flowers.

dandilion seed heads





Yellow cactus flower

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