Saturday, February 13, 2010

Herbal fruits

There are some good spice stalls in the market area some are better than others and if the guy is not only there to take your money and knows what he is selling its quite a pleasant experiance . Like intrigued me why they sold these gourd fruits in the herbal section,
Now I know these are for rheumatic pain relief Cut the fruit in half and leave to dry into a powder then mix with oil and rub into the the infected muscles.

the lemon grass to the front is for a herbal tea for chest complaints the dark brown balls are atmrahindi another one for tummy upsets and makes a pleasant cool hot weather drink hot or cold.
The stuff that looks like tumble weed is to put in a glass bowl and while soaking lets off a pleasant aroma.
The white things that look like pieces of marble is used to soften the skin before shaving mix with hot water and apply to the face I what I was told ????
Click on these next 2 photo's most of the names are on the spices this is very well laid out and the names are on the jars etc but spices are best kept out of direct sunlight so not a stall I will be purchasing from.

Hagag Mohamed Kassem, El Fashney Shop.
one of 4 brothers who own the hom calthoum coffee shop sells pipes and scarves
the price of the pipes range from 35 egp up to 200egp and as he expressly said not just as ornaments all can be smoked. ........and the reason this is getting a plug on here is you can smoke herbs in a sisha pipe normally the locals smoke tobacco leaves mixed with molasses and date oil or honey. but the flovours vary from most of the fruits grown in Egypt.

looking down the market towards my new home. in the tourist souk .
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